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Since 2005 Southern Oregon Outreach began serving the Illinois Valley and Josephine county with needed food goods and household items.


On average our donations exceed half a million pounds of goods annually.  The proceeds derived from our discount outlet centers provide the needed food that is donated.


In 2012, we added refrigerated goods as well as frozen product to our inventory as well as household goods.


In addition to the food and household goods we provide, we also support the local pregnancy center with diapers, and miscellaneous items.

Contact Information

Southern Oregon Outreach Foundation

139 South Caves Ave Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

Phone: 541 592-3663
Fax:  541  592-3665
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


1312 Redwood Ave Grants Pass, Oregon 97523

Phone: 541 472-9852
Fax:  541-479-0814
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


1670 Nebraska Ave Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

Phone: 541-479-0814
Fax:  541  479-0814
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


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