Our Mission

   Provide low cost food and and houshold goods to individuals and families in     Southen Oregon and surrounding communities thru our membership retail outlets.


   Provide needed food thru our donation program to qualified local food banks and other non profit organizations.


   To provide employment opportunities to low income families in our ongoing effort to reduce unemployment in our small community. 



Contact Information

Southern Oregon Outreach Foundation

139 South Caves Ave Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

Phone: 541 592-3663
Fax:  541  592-3665
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


1312 Redwood Ave Grants Pass, Oregon 97523

Phone: 541 472-9852
Fax:  541-479-0814
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


1670 Nebraska Ave Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

Phone: 541-479-0814
Fax:  541  479-0814
E-mail: oregonoutreach@gmail.com


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